Jimi Hendrix Birthday Bash at BB Kings – what a blast that was


So after a lovely Spanksgiving Thursday, I dropped Jasmine off home and headed to BB Kings (42nd street) to the Jimi Hendrix 66th Birthday Bash to see my friend Lance Lopez do his thang. I get invited to so many shows to see friends play and hardly ever have time to go see them, but this time I went ( I am a HUGE Hendrix fan). First to go on stage was Jimi's REAL brother, Leon (same mom and dad). Sadly I missed his set due to typical NYC traffic hell. 





BUT I still got to hang out with Leon, who is very friendly and charming. I heard from the others he has only started playing guitar 5 years ago; perhaps that's why he went on first? I told him straight up "I would have been one of those ladies that fucked the hell out of your brother given the chance. His music turns me ON". I have to admit, the thought of procreating with Hendrix DNA did cross my mind, for  a sec.  Heh heh. 


 The Staff at the BB King are so friendly to me, I get VIP treatment when I show up and I don't even ask for it, but I'm like, "ok".. why not? I did insist on paying though ($50) to see the show, hey, musicians bust their BALLS doing what they do, and if I really want to see a band, I pay. I know how it feels, having my own band in Berlin (Bitchfest) when 200 people show up and half are on the guest list and you earn FUCK ALL after all the rehearsal room costs, flyers, PR etc.. 


Anyhow, I got a great seat and watched Lance in awe. I just about got off listening to him play Hendrix tunes, PERFECTLY. It was like Jimi came down and channeled himself through him. The voice, the guitar lics, omfg, I wanted to get up and dance my ass off, but everyone was seated and so head bobbing and though slapping was the norm. Lance got a standing ovation after EVERY SONG!!


The guy who came on after Lance, Frank Marino MUST have received the headlining slot out of habit, as he was sloppy (some said it's because he is in his mid 60's, but that never stops BB King when he plays) and at times it really sounded to me like the band skipped crucial beats which made it sound to me like a record skipping. He did an amazing job at the star spangled banner though, I must admit. BUT watching Lance Lopez play first and THEN having to endure Frank after was just like having an outrageously perfect shag and THEN having a lonesome wank after. No comparison. Not exaggerating here folks, Lance nailed it. PLUS, Lance only needed THREE in his band, as in, him plus two, just like Jimi, to do it right. Frank needed an extra guitar player. Yawn.

It was Heaven for Hendrix fans. sigh, purrrrrrrrrrrrrr. It has inspired me to hurry up and get that Hendrix tattoo I have been putting off for so long. I asked Jasmine to draw me a Hendrix head which I will have tatttooed on me, not sure where yet. Leon said he "REALLY wants to see it, in the flesh", once it's done 🙂






Do to the hurried blur called 'my life lately', I forgot my camera in the car and had to make due with my Crackberry camera. Hence the crappy quality pictures. sigh. 


 Lance just sent me a text message with his set list he played at BB Kings last night:


1. Midnight. 2. Hear my train .3. Gypsy eyes .4. One rainy wish .5. Izabella .6. Them changes .7. Voodoo Chile slight return


See Lance Lopez LIVE:

Nov 29 2008 9:00P
PORT 41 NEW YORK, New York
Dec 10 2008 5:00P
GUITAR CENTER (In-store clinic) SAN FRANCISCO, California
Dec 11 2008 9:00P
Dec 13 2008 9:00P
Dec 14 2008 9:00P
Jan 10 2009 8:00P




So I am all out of watch with the blogs, I still need to do the Italy blog from last spring, the Flogging Molly, Ac/dc and Project Object blog as well as the FLA trip/Zappaween blog. OMFG. I am living in Blog shame. Stay tuned.


Dr. Dot

Massage in Raleigh, North Carolina


Meet Rae, the newest member to the Dr. Dot massage team down South:


"Having a chance to blend 2 of my biggest passions is a dream come true, and I am ecstatic to be on Dr. Dot’s team!!  
I was raised by hippie parents on all the right music—Beatles, Zeppelin, Moody Blues, etc.  Today you can find everything from Aimee Mann to James Brown to U2 in my collection.  I am a music fiend!  Much of my youth was spent watching MTV (when they still played music), and I mastered every Janet Jackson routine and Motley Crue drumbeat there was.  I decided early on that I was going to either be a rock star, or marry one.  

The night I met my husband, he was playing guitar onstage.  Trying to impress him, I offered to massage his hands, even though I had no training.  I guess I did well, since we’re still together!  Soon after we met, I chose to leave social work behind for massage school.  My first day, a fellow student let me practice on her.  She told me it felt like I’d already been doing massage for years, and I knew then I had found my calling.  I spent the next 18 months learning massage, yoga, reiki, and anything else I could get my hands on.  

Looking back, it now seems obvious I was meant to do healing work.  Growing up in an affectionate family taught me power of touch, and it seems from an early age I had a natural gift of intuition.  Using massage and energy work enabled me to heal my body and mind when I developed problems that doctors and medications couldn’t fix.  Now I live a full life without any meds, not even a multivitamin!  It is so important to me to continue sharing this gift with others, to help them take charge of their health.  

My approach is intuitively and holistically based, treating your whole being.  I consider myself a channel, working where my hands are guided.  Each session is tailored to your specific needs, and I can provide anything from a soothing Swedish to an intense Trigger Point session.  If you need healing and I’m not available in person, I can send you Reiki as well.  

Chances are, I’ll be at your show anyway, so it would be an honor to have you book me: info@drdot.com  (put "for CHANDRA/NC" in subject line).


Thanks, Rae"

Happy Spanksgiving



 my favorite myspace thanksgiving comments so far  innit cute?


AMAZING: I got up at 7:00 am yesterday (went to bed at 8:30 pm night before) so, could it be? I have become a day person? Stay tuned. Got up at 11am this morning (as if you give a shit) and I am just trying to cram this blog in real fast while my cutie pie Jasmine sleeps in (those late sleepers, Pffft!) ha ha. She means the world to me. How could ANYONE be mean to their own child? I don't understand it when I read about child abuse (and I suffered it too as a child). I just don't get it. A tiny person who looks a bit like you, who only wants to show you love? How can you beat that? (literally). Purrrrrrrrr. Let it be known, she is my true love, my family (heart is melting like butter left out over night as I write this).

Anyhow, I met with my literary Agent last night, to discuss a few upcoming book projects (as if I have time), but I do have to shit out a few books before I get Alzheimers and grow too old to fucking remember all of this rock and roll trivia and all of those events that I have taken part of (or created). A massage book and a few sex advice books are coming out too eventually. Bring it on I say. If I feel good blogging, imagine how light my head will feel after getting a few books out? Being about to clear up some of that memory space on my brains hard-drive. 


Anyhow, I have to blog properly soon, just like Bruce Almighty, how he hears voices in his head when he doesn't answer all those prayers, well, my thoughts get super loud too if I don't write/blog. I do ENOUGH writing actually, answering the 1,000 plus emails per day, (I am way behind right now) but it's not the kind of writing I like to do. I know Thanksgiving is only an American thingy, but it is one of the best Holidays, you try and hang out with those you can stand/love and eat like a pig, what's not to like?

I suppose, though, if you are alone and one of those people who get lonely or bored (I never get lonely or bored so I try to understand those feelings), I can imagine the Holidays simply make you FEEL left out. See why I loathe the Holidays? I am Dr. Grinch. 

Christmas makes me especially ill. I fucking hate it. UGH! And last night as I stood naked in my bathroom painting my eye lashes, getting ready to go to meeting, the classic rock station here (104.3) played Bruce Springsteen's 'Santa Claus is coming to town". It actually pissed me off. Give it a REST will ya, it's still NOVEMBER, not even Thanksgiving (well, last night wasn't yet). WTF? They cram that xmas shit down your throat, and the pressure is on to buy buy BUY!. Not having it. You can't prove your love by buying anything for anyone. Just try not to be a cunt all year long and you won't have to over do it at Christmas time. Oh my, her language is ATROCIOUS!. Go wash your mouth out with soap!!! (who said that?) You? 


ha ha, gotta go, my cutie pie is waking up, purrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr.



This is just a few hours before they started to slaughter the unsuspecting Indians ^

Ask Dr. Dot (November 2008)

Feel Free to ask me any question, I always change the names around, so know one will know your identity, except me. I answer all questions personally. You can find my columns on line, just google "Ask Dr. Dot". It also appears in Penthouse Forum every month as "Calling Dr. Dot".


Dr. Dot




My girlfriend and I broke up last Summer when she moved to Asia. But for the last year that we
 were living together we didn't have sex I started watching porn to satisfy myself. Now that I am
dating again, I seem to have a harder time staying stiff when I am with a woman. I don't have a
difficult time when I'm watching porn though. Obviously, I can get an erection. Am I addicted
 to porn, or have I just developed the beginnings of ED? What can I do to figure this out?
I just don't know what's normal anymore. I never had this problem in my life.
Softie Sal


"ED"? Wtf does that stand for? Eating disorder? Exiguous Dick?
It could be your penis is rebelling. He is pissed the fuck off he lived with
a pussy for a year and didn't have any access at all, only your hand was there for him. Now he
 is showing YOU who's boss. Take control again and retrain him.  Your cock is spoiled by
your over tentative hand. No one can fuck you like you and porn if fun but it can make men lazy.
 There is no need for bringing your hand out to dinner, giving it compliments or foreplay.
Porn provides the scene and your hand provides the "pussy". Time to break up the monotony
 and prepare for real pussy. Cut back a bit on the porn and wank once a day
 instead of 4 times a day for example. It's hard for a normal girl to compete with a Double-Penetration-hungry
 porn star on her first date. Try to start all over again, getting excited over a date, her smell, glimpse of cleavage,
possibility of a first kiss, the anticipation, and the foreplay when it finally comes. Kind of like putting a fat
 kid on a diet, even though it's parents own a Haagen Daz ice cream shop. It must be done.


I am a randy young woman, with a slammin' sex life. What bothers me though is
how often I have to put the breaks on spicy make out sessions when it comes to
the penetration point. Most of the time, the men I make out with don't have condoms
but still want to fuck. Naturally I say no and they either are upset that I don't have
any on me or that I won't let them shag me without a condom. Why are men so
willing to dive into an unknown pussy without protection? Is it because I look
so innocent or are they just dumb? And is it our job as females to suddenly be
the condom machine?
Pissed off Patti


They may be so willing to dive in without protection because
they’ve probably been lucky so far, not having experienced a STD
that turned their cock purple with red spots or having knocked up a girl
on a one night stand. These fearless, horny buggers who, thanks to
their raging hard on, aren't thinking at all. I’d be lying if I said protected sex feels
better than bareback but you have to protect yourself from Aids, STDs and pregnancy,
unless you’re in a long-term monogamous relationship.
A man expecting the lady to carry condoms is as arrogant as it is ignorant.
We don't own a cock, so we shouldn't have to tote rubbers around; they
don't own a pussy and shouldn't have to supply us with tampons. Next time
you get busy with a man who hasn’t any protection,
 take a walk to the corner shop together and make him buy condoms. This will
 teach him that you are a safe, responsible,
yet fun and eager. Great combo.

I’m 18, I’ve never had a proper girlfriend before although there’s
a girl in my life currently who I really want to date. I’m totally straight, there’s no
question about that and I love being a man. The thing is that I like dressing up in
women’s clothes. I don’t know what it is that  makes me do it but I can't help it.
 What makes it worse is the fact that they’re my sister’s clothes. I don’t feel anything
 sexual towards her at ALL.
I want to stop but whenever I try and resist the temptation, I fail. I always tell myself
'right you’re not going to dress up' then 5 minutes later I am admiring myself dressed up.
 Would any girl be completely scared off by this sort of thing if I tried to tell her about it?

Dressed up Dan


You may as well just embrace your fetish now and get it over with, rather than struggling with it
for years, going to therapy which you don't need, blah blah blah. We ALL have our weird sides,
and I mean everyone. Young girls may not understand this habit of yours, but older women will.
Thing is, you shouldn't change for anyone. You like the feel and look of women's clothes on your
body and who can blame you? Our clothes look and feel sexier than men's clothes. Perhaps this
is your cue to take up a career in Fashion. Lots of straight men make ladies clothes and I know
quite a few straight men; some rock stars even, which love to cross dress in private. It's not a
a big deal, honest. There is no sense in hiding things from the girls you choose to date. Don't tell
them until you are sure you can trust them and you can even make it fun like when you are both
naked before/after sex, just get up and try her clothes on; it will surely make her giggle. Make her
try your clothes on as well. Don't sit them down for a serious chat about your habit, just slowly
weave it into things. I am sure they have strange habits they keep from you as well. Life would
be boring as fuck if we were all just plain, boring and straight laced. Be proud that you're different.

A lot of my exes, past lovers and current girlfriend wouldn't let me make them cum. Why is this?
I get them right to it and they stop me. Do or did they want us to cum together maybe?
 Or with my most recent ex, she was very shy. Maybe she was shy about cumming in front of me?
Honestly, their climax is  more important to me than my own and I wanted to know what you have
 to say about it.

Climax Carl

It could be a control issue, afraid to lose control and hand it over to you. Maybe they can't let their hair down,
have fun and give into pleasure. Sometimes, women never find out HOW to cum. It's obviously not as easy
for girls to cum as it is for guys. Since everyone is different, the only way you will find out, is by asking each
girl you get in the sack. Just come right out
and ask them if it happens again. Say, ""Can you make yourself cum?” If she says "yes" then ask her to show
 you how she does it. Bed is no place to be shy or afraid to ask questions.



Hoping your advice will save my love life. I have always been the giver in my
relationship and now I am thinking of asking my woman to marry me. We have an outrageous sexy life and have been together for 2 years and we still make each other crazy in bed. I love her a lot but she has sometimes been unkind. She is demanding and no matter how much I give, it never seems to be enough. Her attitude does turn me on but I wonder if she will ever treat me a bit better, like if I ask for her hand in marriage. I would marry her but wonder if this will give away all my power?
Every time I pull away from her she tries to pull me back. I feel like
things have come to a head and its do or die. Should I pop the question? (I swear I treat her soooooo good.)

Whipped Woody

Everyone is "unkind" now and then. If you think marriage
will change things, you need to get a grip. If you find yourself
pulling away from her, then marrying her is a stupid idea.
Marriage is not even necessary anymore. People do not
need a contract to love one another. A big party to celebrate
your love and commitment should satisfy everyone's need
to wear tacky dresses and receive presents from friends and
family, but why the contract? The very thing that people
think will make them feel like they've "sealed the deal" is the
same thing that leaves them craving for regular sex, which
seldom occurs in a marriage, hence the fact that most marriages
end in divorce anyways. If she is mean to you, grow some balls
and ask her why. If things don't improve, move on and find
a woman who loves a giver (there are plenty of them out there).


I am a 23 year old female, and was wondering if you had any suggestions as to
how to make "doggy style" feel better for me. For some reason, when my fiancé
and I try this, it is uncomfortable EVERYTIME. Sometimes painful, sometimes just
flat out UNCOMFORTABLE! I know He loves it, as he keeps asking me to do it, so we need to perfect this.

Any tips?! thanks!

Don’t-like-the-Doggy Daisy

I am guessing your man has a long schlong. You can try it standing, and cross
your legs tight when he is in you, to be able to control how deep and hard he
prods you but squeezing his cock with your pussy (crossed legs make the grip
tighter). If you do it on the bed, tell him to go in you, and then carefully lie flat
On your stomach, with him in you, and again, close your legs together tightly
And cross your legs. He will love the tighter grip and you will love the fact
He isn't playing pool with your ovaries anymore. If it STILL hurts, try to keep
One hand on the base of his cock while he fucks you to control how deep he
Goes. If none of that works, stop doing it doggy style. Get on top of him and
squat on him so you can control the pressure. You may have a cyst or two on
your ovaries, which is very common. You can either have them removed or
start taking the pill, which pretty much makes them disappear.



Gail Zappa stops Project Object show this Friday in Boston

"Due to Adelaide Gail Zappa and her incessant, worldwide legal attacks on fans honoring Frank Zappa's music, and attempts to negate his request (according to the Zappa hotline, Dec 1993) to "Play My Music", the Project/Object show for Fri 21 Nov 2008, at Bill's Bar in Boston, has been cancelled.

Stand by for further details on the threatening letters. All other shows, have proceeded fantastically or are proceeding as planned, since what we do is 100% legal under US law. It's sad that lawyers are being enriched every year by this useless letter-writing campaign (all clubs also get threat letters).

FYI – The band Ugly Radio Rebellion, who you'll remember was under attack for Dec. 2007 shows, just had to cancel all their Nov 2008 shows due to a couple of clubs' unfounded fears of Adelaide Gail Zappa suing them. Bogus Pomp in Florida also recently was attacked for celebrating this music. Artists in Germany also continue to be attacked. What a waste of good money that could be used to release more Zappa music……

We are not breaking any laws and we will continue to perform Frank Zappa music for you. And maybe even a little of the music of Mozart, Stravinsky, Gustav Holst, The Seeds ('Pushing Too Hard' used in 'Sy Borg'), Yes (1984 'bamboozled' solo section), The Beatles (medley played on 1988 Zappa tour), Richard Berry (Frank quoted "Louie Louie" DOZENS of times), Herbie Hancock (riffs quoted in 'Greggery Peccary'), Culture Club ('I'll tumble for ya'), The Doors ('The End', 'Light My Fire')..and on and on and on….

I am conducting research into where and when Frank Zappa got permission to perform, record or parodize ALL of these and many, many other various artists' music. Of course sometimes he sought permission, and when RECORDED and RELEASED, he certainly paid mechanical royalties. But certainly many times he didn't.

For a guy who has a LARGE part of his art based on USING THE MATERIAL OF OTHERS, his estate is strangely, hypocritically opposed to any one else doing the same!

Thank you
Andre Cholmondeley


I am so fucking unbelievably behind with blogging, answering emails (I have over 1,000 unread emails now) and my fingers are KILLING me from too many massages. Last night (I am still up, it's 9am) I massaged the manager for Ac/Dc in NJ, then drove like a bat outta hell to NYC to massage STAINED and Papa Roach (old friends). They played at the Hammerstein Ballroom.. sounded good, what I heard of the show, but the highlight was hanging out with Stained front man Aaron on his bus while he talked business to many big wig record company folks and managers. 

He stopped the convo and says "This is Dr. Dot. Her massage team can NOT be beat. I have never had anything short of an AMAZING massage from everyone of her Dot Bots on the road!". They all asked for my flyer and seemed into his pitch. I LOVE that kind of PR, it can not be beat. Gene Simmons did it the other night too backstage at Ac/Dc. He announced to the dressing room "Dr. Dot gives the best massage in the world everybody, come get her business card!". OMG, Gene doing a commercial for my massage team. I thought I died and went to rock and roll heaven.


I have SO MANY FUCKING BLOGS to write I don't even know where to start. I have not even finished my ITALY Blog, started the Boston or Florida blog, Flogging Molly, Ac/Dc, The Answer, and the other night Project Object (with Ike Willis and Ed Mann at the BB King club- omfg, it was PERFECT, "the band was tight!"). Head is spinning I have so much to do, when will it slow down? Never I am guessing. I did have dinner with Jasmine the other night and massaged her feet in the restaurant as usual :). Man I love her. LOVE LOVE LOVE. 




is a DEEP TISSUE massage junkie ^





It was great to see Papa Roach again. Tobin (left) and Coy (right) have grown up a LOT since the last time I have seen them (2000 in Berlin). I beat Coby at table soccer really badly and he still remembers lol. BUT Eric Clapton beat me really badly, so you win some, you loose some. 

Look at the old picture of Coby and I, see how different he looks; I barely recognized him!


   You can see Tobin, ^ again on the left. He has changed a lot too

But then again, he must have though the same about me. ha ha. 

They have been on tour for 10 years straight. I hope they make it big. I am not a fan of the music, you KNOW I am a classic rock fan, but I like these guys personally and they deserve sucess for sweating it out on the road for so long. It is TOUGH on the road. Real tough.

Need singers and musicians to perform EVERY Beatles song on Dec. 7th in NYC



 Click link to sign up ^


See you there 😉

Go here and look at this
I'm playing every original Beatles song (189 in total) in one day on ukulele,
At Spike Hill in Wiliamsburg, Brooklyn, Sunday, Dec 7, 2008, noon to midnight. I need Singers!
Here's the set list, Write back to me and claim your songs. We are doing them in alphabetical order and will confirm and hopefully rehearse with you in advance. You can bring a band or just let me accompany you on uke, the only provision being we play the song in the same key as The Beatles. i don't mind slowing down or speeding up but changing keys 189 times is just too much.

Across The Universe The Beatles 3:44
All I've Got To Do The Beatles
All My Loving The Beatles 2:12
All Together Now The Beatles 2:09
All You Need Is Love G The Beatles 3:48
And I Love Her The Beatles 2:31
And Your Bird Can Sing The Beatles 2:02
Another Girl Anytime At All The Beatles 2:13
Ask Me Why The Beatles 2:24
Baby You're A Rich Man C The Beatles 3:01
Baby's In Black The Beatles
Back in the USSR The Beatles 2:43
The Ballad Of John And Yoko
Being For The Benefit Of Mr. Kite D-
Blackbird The Beatles 2:18
Blue Jay Way C
Can't Buy Me Love The Beatles 2:15
Carry That Weight The Beatles 1:37
Come Together The Beatles
The Continuing Story of Bungalow Bill
A Day In The Life G The Beatles 5:34
Day Tripper The Beatles 2:48 Album
Dig A Pony The Beatles 3:55 Let it Be
Dig It The Beatles 0:50 Let It Be PM
Do You Want To Know A Secret
Doctor Robert The Beatles
Don't Bother Me The Beatles 2:26
Don't Let Me Down The Beatles 3:35
Don't Pass Me By The Beatles 3:50
Drive My Car The Beatles 2:28 1962-1967
Eight Days A Week The Beatles 2:48
Eleanor Rigby E- The Beatles 2:06
The End The Beatles 2:20 Abbey Road
Every Little Thing The Beatles 2:05
Everybody's Got Something To Hide Except Me and My Monkey
Fixing A Hole F The Beatles 2:37
Flying C 2:17
The Fool On The Hill
Magical Mystery Tour
For No One Aflat The Beatles
For You Blue The Beatles 2:56
From Me To You The Beatles 1:56
Get Back The Beatles 3:12
Getting Better C
Girl The Beatles 2:34 Rex M
Glass Onion The Beatles 2:18 Rex M
Golden Slumbers, Carry That Weight, The End
Good Day Sunshine B/A Rex M
Good Morning Good Morning A Rex M
Good Night The Beatles 3:12 Rex M
Got to Get You Into My LIfe G Rex M
Happiness Is A Warm Gun Rex M
A Hard Day's Night G Rex M
Hello Goodbye C The Beatles 3:30
Help! The Beatles 2:18
Helter Skelter The Beatles 4:30
Her Majesty D The Beatles 0:23 PM
Here Comes The Sun The Beatles 3:06
Here There And Everywhere G
Hey Bulldog The Beatles 3:14
Hey Jude The Beatles 7:03
Hold Me Tight The Beatles 2:33
Honey Pie The Beatles 2:40
I Am The Walrus A The Beatles 4:35
I Call Your Name The Beatles 2:05
I Me Mine The Beatles 2:26 Let It Be
I Need You The Beatles 2:31
I Saw Her Standing There The Beatles 2:55
I Should Have Known Better The Beatles 2:44
I Wanna Be Your Man The Beatles 1:59
I Wanna Hold Your Hand
I Want To Tell You A The Beatles 2:24
I Want You (She's So Heavy) The Beatles 7:48
I Will The Beatles 1:46
I'll Be Back The Beatles 2:22
I'll Cry Instead The Beatles 1:48
I'll Follow The Sun The Beatles 1:51
I'll Get You The Beatles 2:03
I'm A Loser The Beatles 2:33
I'm Down The Beatles 2:32
I'm Happy Just to Dance With You
I'm Looking Through You The Beatles 2:28
I'm Only Sleeping The Beatles 2:57
I'm So Tired The Beatles 2:03
I've Got A Feeling The Beatles
I've Just Seen A Face The Beatles 2:07
If I Fell The Beatles 2:22
If I Needed Someone The Beatles 2:24

In My Life The Beatles 2:25
The Inner Light E flat The Beatles 2:58
It Won't Be Long The Beatles 2:11
It's All Too Much The Beatles 6:28
It's Only Love The Beatles 1:59
Julia The Beatles 2:54
Lady Madonna A The Beatles 2:17 PM
Let it Be The Beatles 3:52
Little Child The Beatles 1:45
The Long and Winding Road The Beatles 3:35
Long, Long, Long The Beatles 3:04
Love Me Do The Beatles 2:24
Love You To C The Beatles 3:01
Lovely Rita E The Beatles 2:42
Lucy In The Sky With Diamonds A The Beatles 3:28
Maggie Mae The Beatles 0:41 Let It Be
Magical Mystery Tour E The Beatles 2:49
Martha My Dear The Beatles 2:29
Maxwell's Silver Hammer The Beatles 3:27
Mean Mr. Mustard The Beatles 1:06
Michelle The Beatles 2:42 PM
Misery The Beatles 1:50
Please Please Me
Mother Nature's Son The Beatles 2:48
Mr Moonlight The Beatles 2:37
The Night Before The Beatles 2:37
No Reply The Beatles 2:17
Norwegian Wood The Beatles 2:03
Not A Second Time The Beatles 2:08
Nowhere Man The Beatles 2:44
Ob-La-Di, Ob-La-Da The Beatles 3:09
Octopus's Garden The Beatles 2:51
Oh! Darling The Beatles 3:26
Old Brown Shoe The Beatles 3:20
One After 909 The Beatles 3:09
Only A Northern Song The Beatles 2:44
P.S. I Love You The Beatles 2:06
Paperback Writer The Beatles 2:18
Penny Lane B The Beatles 2:59 2
Piggies The Beatles 2:01
Please Please Me The Beatles 2:05
Polythene Pam The Beatles 1:11
Rain The Beatles 3:02 Past Masters Rock
Revolution The Beatles 3:24
Rocky Raccoon The Beatles 3:41
Run For Your Life The Beatles 2:19
Savoy Truffle The Beatles 2:55
Sexy Sadie The Beatles 3:15
She Came In Through The Bathroom Window
She Loves You The Beatles 2:21
She Said She Said Bflat The Beatles 2:37
She's A Woman The Beatles 3:03
She's Leaving Home E The Beatles 3:35
Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band
Something The Beatles 3:16
Strawberry Fields Forever A The Beatles 4:07
Sun King The Beatles 2:26 PM
Taxman D The Beatles 2:38
Tell Me What You See The Beatles 2:36
Tell Me Why The Beatles 2:10
Thank You Girl The Beatles 2:07
There's A Place The Beatles 1:53
Things We Said Today The Beatles 2:39
Think For Yourself The Beatles 2:19
This Boy The Beatles 2:16
Ticket to Ride The Beatles 3:10
Tomorrow Never Knows C The Beatles 2:58
Two Of Us The Beatles 3:36 Let It Be
Wait The Beatles 2:17 Rubber Soul
We Can Work It Out The Beatles 2:12
What Goes On The Beatles 2:46
What You're Doing The Beatles 2:31
When I Get Home The Beatles 2:18
When I'm Sixty Four C The Beatles 2:38
While My Guitar Gently Weeps The Beatles 4:45
Why Dont We Do It In The Road The Beatles 1:41
Wild Honey Pie The Beatles 1:01
With A Little Help From My Friends E
Within You, Without You C Band
The Word The Beatles 2:44
Yellow Submarine G The Beatles
Yer Blues The Beatles 4:01
Yes It Is The Beatles 2:40
Yesterday The Beatles 2:05
You Can't Do That
You Know My Name (Look up the Number
You Like Me Too Much
You Never Give Me Your Money
You Won't See Me
You're Going To Lose That Girl
You've Got To Hide Your Love Away
Your Mother Should Know C The Beatles 2:30

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Best Massage in Charleston, South Carolina

Our massage team is growing like a healthy weed. More and more qualified therapists (and Chiropractors too) email me every day and ask for a massage audition appointment. Naturally I can not accept anyone onto our team until they have given a massage demonstration and provided the massage certificates. Quality, not quantity keeps us popular. Meet Crystal, our new Dot Bot from SC:


"Hi! My name is Crystal. I am a licensed massage therapist in beautiful Charleston, SC.
I am a true Charlestonian, born and raised.
I graduated from Southeastern School of Neuromuscular and Massage Therapy in 2005.
 Also, I am NCTEMB certified.
I have a deep understanding of anatomy and physiology.
I also have worked as a nurse assistant at the Medical University of South Carolina.
My passion for helping people stems from the time I could walk: My mom always had me walking on her back until I can remember.
Once I became a LMT, I was fundamental in helping my mom with her chronic back issues..which furthered my passion for massage.
I could see the benefits of massage first hand.
This lead me to pursue other modalities besides Swedish and Neuromuscular therapy.
I studied Reflexology, Swedish-Thai, Aromatherapy and Hot Stone massage; as well as developed a love of yoga.
I try to incorporate all these great techniques into my massages to give my client the most beneficial results.
I hope you will book with me. Just email me at info@drdot.com

I look forward to all the great adventures to come where I can share my love of massage and my appreciation of music!
Take care and always remember to breath…