Massage in West Palm Beach Florida

I have found it's hard to find serious massage therapists in Florida. Seems the heat makes people want to play rather than work. I got lucky when I found Gertrud. She proved to me she is strong, professional and a great addition to our massage team. If you are in or heading to West Palm Beach and want an amazing massage, give me a shout. Read more about her and see her picture below. x Dr. Dot

My name is Gertrud and I was born in Europe; Estonia. Since 1993, I have lived in the U.S and currently reside in West Palm Beach, Florida as a Licensed Massage Therapist. Swedish, Therapeutic, Deep Tissue, Neuromuscular, and CranioSacral Therapy are within my forte.
I believe massage is a vastly beneficial and spiritual symphony of muscles, touch, and energy that is a form of artistry and of ultimate benevolence. The human touch is remarkable; therefore, my genuinely effortless intention to heal, creates a vortex of power within my small yet oh so mighty hands. I will pulverize you 🙂 Furthermore, I am in the process of acquiring my Doctorate in Divinity and my Ph.D in Metaphysics.
I am quite honored and thrilled to be apart of Dr. Dot's superb team! I adore heavy metal music and the way it makes one emotionally surpass reality. Rock n' Massage, what more can one ask for!?
With Truth, Love, and Light, Be Blessed,

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