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My husband turns 42 this year and he's become this insecure person.  He was never like
this very insecure, withdrawn, needy, and at times high strung. We have sex 5 times a
week sometimes twice a day.  He brings up my first long term relationship up constantly.
This past relationship was 23 years ago, lasted 2 years and I was only 17. I have been
married to my Husband for 17 years and now this is coming up in conversation constantly.
My first relationship was HELL, we hardly saw each other and all we did was fight and
I chose to forget about it a long time ago but he keeps bringing it up because the fuck
I was with took my virginity and my husband feels it was Memorable, but not for me because
it was basically forced and at that age and you put yourself in stupid situations.
I don't think there are too many women out there that say what a beautiful experience
it was losing their virginity. I am sure there are some but not the majority. My question
is how do I get him to get past this?  Or is it something I have to live with?  Should I
let him go and maybe he can find himself a “memorable” virgin to deflower?  I don't want
him to tear me down to bits so I feel tainted while I am married to him.  But I don't
know how much more of this I can take-please  advise!!
Tainted Tammy

"Like a VIRGIN" my ass

The Bitch gets sex more than 5 times a week, even after 17 years of marriage
(this must be a world record)  and yet he is still “insecure, withdrawn, needy, and at
times high strung"? What a spoiled prick. Dogs, like Men, are on their best behavior when
they want to be fed. Keep his "bowl" half full, as in; keep him hungry for you and he may be
 a bit nicer to you. Being TOO nice to men, giving them TOO much sex doesn't make them love
you more, it can have the opposite effect, it can make them ungrateful, lazy and it can turn
them into monsters. Sure, they all say they want sex everyday, but then there is NO challenge
and they feel they have all the power, like yours; he feels so powerful that he picks on you
 about something that happened decades ago. Ask him "are you that fucking bored?” Tell him you
are done talking about the past and it’s killing your sex drive to the point where you don't
want to fuck him anymore let alone several times a week if he keeps up this bullshit.
He is probably unhappy about other things, like turning 42, and no matter how much pussy he gets,
 it won't make him happy, only he can make himself happy, so stop trying so hard to please him,
 you are only making it worse. Sometimes when people are miserable, they actually resent folks
 being too nice to them as they subconsciously feel they don't deserve it. In other words, he
doesn't deserve all that pussy if he is being a wanker. Good luck with that, I would tell him to
be nice and drop the past or move the fuck on as he obviously doesn’t know how good he has it.

I have a girlfriend whom I love very much and she loves me very much. Making
love is like unbelievable; we both have a great connection and 80% of the time
we both orgasm together. Though it seems like every time she is on top of me I
can’t seem to hold an erection for more then 5 minutes. In fact when I feel my
self losing my erection, I switch positions right away. I have never ever had
this problem with other woman before. One thing I noticed is that she gets very
wet and usually cums two to three times, and literally drips gulps of fluid. Do
you think it's her fluid that is making me lose my erection? I can’t understand
this. please help me.
Wet Willy

You say it didn't happen with other women, so it could be her dripping wet pussy
gets too loose/relaxed to keep your cock hard. It is a compliment that she gets so wet,
so be sure not to whine about it, just take your hand from time to time, and wipe
her pussy (ask her to lift up for a second and wipe her). Your dry (clean) hand will take
enough excess fluid away to regain some resistance which you surely loose when it gets so
 slippery, hence you loose your stiffy. If your hand isn't enough, then you should keep a clean,
 soft rag around to sop up her juice from time to time; mop that baby up and keep going as a
juicy girl is good thing.

I recently found out that extremely attractive wife (we wed 1 year ago) has been working for
an online, sexy web cam chat thingy. One of my work mates found her and actually paid her for a
 chat (he claims he was just checking to make sure it wasn’t full nudity, it’s topless). My
wife and I had a giant argument about this and she doesn’t see anything wrong with it, but I want
 her to quit. I feel World War 3 coming on, please answer fast.
Nervous Nate

You can’t force her to stop so try to think positive; those girls can earn loads of cash, they
never meet the men they chat with and it’s good for her ego; getting told she looks good will
boost her confidence and sex drive. Plus, she is obviously grooming herself well, so she will stay
 looking hot for you too. Women do those things for two reasons (1) Not enough income (2) They
like to be admired and looked at. It could be worse, she could be stripping in a club, where men
 can meet her and maybe even touch her. So count your blessings, your double income and be happy
 you married such a sex bomb you lucky bastard.

A few years ago, my wife was attacked and
robbed in a bar she worked in. Her and the
manager were stripped and left bound and gagged
for hours until they were able to work themselves
free. She said she was "fondled slightly" by the criminal,
who she has described as "not unattractive."
She says it could have led to rape although it didn’t,
but the probability of it kept her wet!
Ever since that incident, she constantly referrers to it
during our love making. She admitted almost
from the day it happened that she was aroused by
the entire thing and masturbates while
thinking about it and she says she cums the hardest
while thinking about the ordeal while we screw.
Now she wants me to tie her up and re-create it.
I refused.  I'll talk about it, but not this.
She now calls it an "erotic encounter!"  It was a crime,
not an encounter or a fantasy. It makes me very upset.
How can something like this be arousing? I'm concerned
 that she has some type of personality disorder.
What do you think?
Disgusted Dan
< Dead Boys style

Rape fantasies goes waaaay back. ^ The painting above by 'Rubens' was done in 1618.

It's common for people to find a sexual way to look
at drama in order to digest and deal with it.
Had your wife been violently hurt and still wanking over it,
then perhaps she has a screw loose but if she was just stripped,
 gagged and fondled perhaps that turned her on. Imagine you were
stripped and gagged by a hot female thief? Try to put yourself
in her shoes.  If this is the only thing that makes you think
she could be nuts, I’d let it slide.
She is just a pervert in bed and lord knows there are loads of
those around.
There is no way to change her way of thinking and the more you
tell her it's sick or wrong, the more forbidden and naughty it
 will get for her. Why not tie her up once and act it out, just
to shut her up and make her fantasy finally come true.
Even people who have never been raped act it out in the bedroom
 as a fantasy.
Try it once then tell her later that you are getting bored
reliving her “encounter” and you want to play out one of your
 fantasy’s now  and don't sugar coat it either. If you can’t beat
 ‘em, join ‘em.

I have a perfect BF who treats me great but I have taken advantage.
 For the last few months I have been a vicious shrew to him. I said
some really cruel stuff that I didn’t mean!. He is still with me but
 the twinkle in his eye has gone, and I can sense he’s lost his
confidence. He used to be so funny and full of life. To make things
 worse, the hot bartender at our drinking hole has noticed our relationship
 sinking and she now flirts with him in her slutty clothes; last time
we were there she was really pushing it, I know she wants him. He goes there
 on his own sometimes, what can I do to stamp my mark on him again? She
 wasn’t sniffing around before when things were perfect. My eyes are starting
to water now thinking about it. I care about him and want to make it up
to him. How can I get him back to his normal self? Why did I act like that?
 Flirting with Disaster

Don’t worry about “getting him back to his normal self”, you need to
 get back to normal. Sometimes we use our partner/lover as a whipping
 post, we forget that only our parents have to love us, anyone else
can (and will) walk away if you treat them badly. Perhaps you are drinking
 too much caffeine? Caffeine can make people very edgy and bitchy.
Think hard about your habits and routines and see if you can find any thing
 that is contributing to your bitchy behavior. Some people get too cozy when
 they are being treated well. They start to get high off of the power of
 having the upper hand in the relationship and they just take advantage,
like you were doing.
Write him an honest letter; keep it short and sweet, tell him you are embarrassed
 for being so evil and ask him if there is anything you can do to make it
 up to him. Don't go over board though; just start being sweet and grateful
 right away. Massage him, give him loads of oral and let him do most of the
talking for a while, and give him some space. When he reaches out, be there,
 be kind and if you two are meant to stay together, things will be like they
 to be, sparkle and all. Now about the hot vulture. Never mention her to
 him and vice versa! That would only make them gravitate towards each other.
Start giving him amazing, really long blow jobs, take your sweet old time,
and sit him naked on the corner of a bad, kneel down on a pillow, naked on
the floor in front of him, make sure there is a mirror in back of you, so
 he can see you from behind while you blow him and lick his balls,. I doubt
going to a bar would be on his mind anymore. Dress sexy around him, red dress
, cleavage, STOCKINGS.
 Start doing fun things with him, tell him the bar is starting to bore you,
 bring him bowling, out to karaoke, anything that would keep you two out of
 that bar and be fun! (try to do this transition slowly, so he doesn't think
 you are going over board).
When you see the bitch at the bar, be really nice and friendly to her and
 tip her a lot, it's harder for a girl to steal another girl’s man when she
is "friends" with her.

< Be VERY nice to Pretty Bartenders 

I am dating a guy, since 3 weeks now and he keeps talking about his ex.
He has shown me many pictures of her, some nude ones as well, and she is
 fucking gorgeous and it makes me feel inadequate. Now that I think back,
 most of the men I have dated have
pulled this shit. I am always polite and give compliments, but inside I
want to (a) rip up the cunts picture (b) knee the guy in the balls for showing it to me.
 How can I stop such ignorant behavior without coming across as insecure or bitchy?
Sick of it all Sally

It’s ridiculously easy to get pictures of giant cocks online. Craigslist is
 famous for having people post nude pic’s of themselves. Find a picture of
the biggest cock you can find, hell, most guys who have monster cocks are
happy to send them to any curious female
(or male for that matter). Print it out (or save it on your computer) and
 when a guy shows
you pictures of his hot ex girlfriend, show him the monster cock and say
“well, this is the
only picture I saved of Dan” (< insert any name). That will shut him the fuck up.

* feel free to send me your questions and don't be shy, I ALWAYS change the names. 

Massage in Boston (wickedfuckinpissa)

So happy my massage team is growing so fast. If I would just hire anyone without auditioning them to see how great they are, I would have thousands of Massage assistants, but because I make sure each one is auditioned, it takes longer. Quality, not quantity. I just hired Karen and I am super excited to have another talented rock chick (and a New Englander at that!) on our team. If you are in Boston or heading there and want to have a Dr. Dot style massage, drop me a line and I will organize a massage for you with Karen.

Read about her and see her picture below,

x Dr. Dot



"My name is Karen and a long while ago I was labeled a closet headbanger.  I'm 29 years old and live in South Boston, Ma.  I'm a LMT specializing in Deep Tissue, Sports Massage, Hot Stone Therapy and Swedish Massage.  
 I grew up in Mass and at the age of 22 decided I wanted to travel and go to school.  So…I packed up my little V.W. and headed out for Colorado.  I went to school and engrossed myself in an intensive 1200 hour massage program and worked.  But it wasn't all hard work.  I met some of the greatest people and found my other passion aside from music and massage….snowboarding…Ahhh the mountains! 

I definitely experienced Rocky Mountain High!  I decided to move home to be close to the family and get back to the ocean.  So, here I am living in Southie with all the crazy Irish.
Why massage?  I don't know if there's a more rewarding feeling than having someone tell you, you have affected their day or sometimes even their life in a positive way.  The energy exchange truly inspires and motivates me to want to be a great therapist.  My clients have often told me that my hands get hot during a massage.  I know that I am facilitating the energy needed to heal and what a wonderful feeling!

 Why work for Dr. Dot?  I was attracted to her website because I too grew up a rocker.  My mom was a groupie for my dads Alice Cooper cover band.  I grew up listening to KISS blaring out of my brothers room from the age of 5 (which is as far back as I can remember).  My brothers friend at the age of 14 labeled me a closet headbanger after finding my tapes which included Dokken, Guns N' Roses, Aerosmith, Tesla, Ozzy and of course The Scorpions.  And so the nickname was born…. I am a closet headbanger (I guess I'm out now)!
Can't wait to continue the work I love so much!"


Ask Dr. Dot (Hot for Teacher/Pubic Hair-Ball Hell)


I'm 33, grew up in a middle class Democrat household, with one sibling.
I had to learn a lot about the way the world works.
My girlfriend grew up in Chicago. She's 32, from a large, very rich Republican family.
She is wonderful but going through a brutal divorce and cries all the time. She questions
 my feelings for her. I hate to hear people cry about everything. I find it weak and
annoying. I'm aware that life is hard for her right now. But it's killing me! I give her
 advice and then she turns it around on me and my life. When I hear this shit, I get quiet.
 Then she knows that I'm upset and starts to apologize. She also
has Multiple Sclerosis I know what this does to her. I love her and I'll wait for her.
I am very loyal and know I am a good boyfriend;
I don't give up on people, hold grudges or worried about wasting time.
I've read your advice to others and was amazed by your vision and need input,
some other way to look at this dilemma.
At wits end Wally  

If she is from Chicago, some of those tears could be from missing her family and their support.
I realize some may get emotional about a divorce but she should be happy, not sad, that she
can now move on and concentrate on her new relationship and the future, not crying about the
miserable past (most divorce because of bad times, not good times). Some of the tears could
be from the fear of her diesease and/or perhaps she is on the pill? The pill can make any
woman an emotional wreck. Ask her if she is on the pill as many women just can't handle the monthly
hormonal roller coaster ride the pill brings them on. It can push some into deep depression.
Write her a letter and tell her you were hoping she would be relieved and happy about
finalizing her departure from her ex, not sad and you are taking those tears as a sign she
isn't happy about your future together. Perhaps if she reads this she will finally see that her
 whining is becoming selfish and making you feel responsible.
You can't save her from her disease, but you are there for her so that should be enough to dry
those miserable tears.


I started dating this guy and things got very good, very fast. It feels legit, and I
know he is not a player type, he's doing all the right things; dinners, plans to go away,
he introduces me to everyone, etc. The intensity has calmed a little (it's been a month now)
and he is still proving his feelings with actions and less with words, but I am still hungry
for him chasing me a little. I think I am just addicted to intensity.
Do you think that once guys decide they may have a future with a girl,
they ease up after the initial courting because they are plotting their lives together – i.e.
how am I going to support us, etc..?
I am trying to just flow and not create dramas just to have the intensity.
I want to continue playing my cards right. Can you suggest anything without much game playing ?
 My instinct is to date others to protect myself, but that is an old script I
want to rid myself!

Passion Hungry Hannah

This is the sort of thing that makes men consider us high maintenance. He's doing every thing
 correctly, but you still want more. We all love passion but that initial high one gets with
 a new partner can not last forever.
You can either keep dating new people to get that rush or find another way to get it like bungee
 jumping, roller blading , learning karate OR using your imagination and screwing your partner
 in forbidden places/situations.
Of course it won't be the exact kind of rush, but it will keep things exciting. You don't need
to play any cards or games to make him chase you more, just let him date you like he does and if
he is doing everything right, like you said, you may end up with a life long partner who may not
 be shooting fireworks out of his ass, but will be there for you and as time goes on, stability
becomes more attractive than constant passion.
You can save the drama part for the bedroom, like I said, and use your imagination to keep the rush alive.

 I met this awesome chick online and agreed to meet
 her in person, and as far as I could tell, she was interested in sex.
 Unfortunately, schedules were difficult and she ended up
 meeting me while I was out with my best friend. We both instantly fell in
 love with her, and half-jokingly I suggested we wage war over her. Being as
 how my time was wrapped up at the moment, he started seeing her regularly
 and she ended up dating him. The three of us remained
 friends, and the two of them have even spent the night at my place.

 Still, there's genuine sexual tension there.  She knows what she does to me,
 and she is very flirty with both of us when we are with her.  He doesn't live
 in the city, so he has to come from the suburbs, and because her and I are usually
 in close proximity, there's always the sense that something could happen.
  Recently I receive a text message, saying she "really wants to come over tonight".
 This would be a major betrayal of my best friend, but I was thinking with my cock
 and I invited her over  for a nightcap.
 She got cold feet and said no, and reminded that she was dating my friend but
 she also found me hot.
 After she said no, I told our other mutual friend, who suggested I should tell
 my original friend about the interaction. He made me swear I'd tell him, but I
 think only bad things can come out of that, and it's best we kept this
 conversation quiet, but I'm afraid my other friend will spill the beans if I refuse.
 What should
 I do?
 Stuck in the middle

Take the high road and don't mention it. If you did, your best friend would probably think
 with his dick and will thank you for the tip but ignore it as a warning or he may even think
 that you are lying, trying to break them up, so you lose either way. You couldn't win or gain
 in that situation. Just smile, knowing, she desires you. Find another hot babe ASAP and then you
 can all double date and then you can make both your friend and that indecisive girl squirm. As for
 your blackmailing buddy, tell him you stand by your choice and he should shut his pie hole.

 I'm a 22-year old girl and really want to fuck my
French professor who is 41.  The college that I attend
has a strict policy about student/teacher
relationships, but because of particular incidents I
know for a fact that he's into me.  He is not my
Professor this year, although he was last year, and
every time we see each other there is sexual tension.
We can't communicate via the college's email because
of the technology dept.'s close eye (college is
small).  My ultimate fantasy has been to have an
affair with a professor.  How can I let him know that
I'm into him, without letting the entire community
know it?  And what can I do to draw his attention?
I'm afraid to make the first move in case I'm
rejected/make a fool of myself, but if that's his fear
too, then how do we assure each other that the
feelings are mutual?

Hot for Teacher 



This is very risky and probably the most popular fantasy that
people who love to act upon. You are both adults so I would
certainly not be the one to say "No no!".
Life is all about taking chances and everyone is entitled to make
an ass out of themselves, it builds character and gives you something
to laugh about when sitting in traffic. You both know the consequences
so move forward at your own risk. If the temptation is too much to bare,
write him a note with your number and private email address and say
"If you're thinking what I'm thinking, feel free to get in touch, x"
If he is married, don't bother, give the guy a break. But if he is single,
why not?
If kept very private, once you leave College, you could start breeding
with this man and the "happily ever after" story could happen.

Myspace is a double edged sword. I met my ex on there and now
the my new love interest has been getting harassed from my
ex and it seems she has changed her tune, she grew cold on me.
I smell foul play; my ex probably poisoned the new girl with
evil thoughts about me. How can I turn this around?
Myspace Mayhem

You are correct; myspace is HELL for anything that has
to do with dating and love relationships. Unlike real life
where your past is usually out of sight, out of mind,
myspace has your past and present all online for all to see
and it can be used against you, to incriminate you and allows jealous
people to stalk and cause trouble.
All you can do it write your ex and tell her to give you a
fair chance and to please ignore your past.
You may want to email her as she may have blocked you on
myspace. Get your point across asap, be it online or in a real letter.
If that doesn't help, let it slide, you can't pine after someone
who doesn't want you anymore.
Next time, make your profile private so these girls can't cause any
more cat fights at your expense. Be careful who you accept as friends,
they could be ex's in disguise.

I'm in love with a married lady. How can I get her to forget about
her husband and pay me some attention. I’m a security guard, and she is a TV star.
She makes much more money than I do, but I know she loves to fuck me.
What can I do and do you think I have a chance to win this woman over for real?
Billy the Back Door man

Most married people do not leave their spouse for a lover and if they do, how could
you ever trust them?
The whole aspect of them being taken, hard to get and unavailable makes them so much
more attractive, so the passion is extreme, more so then if they were single and
giving you more attention. People always want what they can't have, so keep that in
mind at all times, it may help ease your aching, yearning heart.
Since she is so successful and already married, she probably needs a challenge, so try not
to be at her beck and call, be a tad hard to get yourself, keep her on her toes.
BUT if I were you, I would play the field, keep your options open, as she could drop you
like a hot potato at any given moment.

I was dating this 24 year old Australian guy, (I am 21) and I knew from the start it
was temporary, as he was on a 6 month Visa. We had amazing sex but he was far from
perfect; he hardly had any money and was messy when he slept over, but still, I grew
 to love him and the regular, hot sex. The end of the 6 months arrived and instead

of wanting to see me more, he hung with his friends and barely called, he was rather
 mean to me in fact. Had I not called the night before he left, I doubt we would have
met again at all. I am in tears, wondering if it was all a joke for him. Words of
 wisdom please.
Tear-eyed Tess

Of course there is a possibility that he was just using you, but I am willing to bet he
was doing the man thing and trying to either save his feelings or yours. By acting like
a heartless prick, he didn't have to say a  sad good bye, which is very cowardly but
sometimes it's hard for a man to show his loving, tender feelings so being mean is easier.
Being cold to you may have been his way of saying "get over me, stop thinking about me,
 I am out of here". If you think of it that way, it may help you stop crying and ask yourself,
"were the good times worth the tears?" If not, next time a person says "I am only here for
a while" just keep walking as obviously feelings can get hurt.


Every time I suck my boyfriends cock I get cock hairs in my mouth. What do I do with them?
 I have been swallowing them but I wonder if they are bad or good for me.

Hair-ball Haley

Ask him to trim his jungle down to a tasteful bush.
They may feel rough going down, but it won't hurt you to swallow his short and curly’s
it's like fiber, keeps things moving in your digestive system.

What’s new?

So, nothing has happened since I "caught" the guy who attacked me, as in, no further steps. My lawyer said "give me a few days" and the cops will apparently send me a letter when they feel like it. Not holding my breath, as I know dam well nothing will happen to the guy, except MAYBE a fine. Thing is, I am almost certain I will run into the violent prick at my grocery store, as it's the only one near by and even the evil have to stuff their pie hole. 

That giant kiss above is what will be on the back of my upcoming Dr. Dot t-shirts. No, I am not going all Wall Mart on you, I get A LOT of emails/messages from folks asking me if they can buy a Dr. Dot t-shirt. This has been going on for a few years now, so I finally decided to do something about it. I found a Frank Zappa fan online,  named Mark who owns his own t-shirt business and he is an amazing artist and graphic designer. I want to have my hand prints on the front, as if I was grabbing your breast, and above it, it will say "Dr. Dot was here". On the back, are my lips. I put on a heavy coat of red lipstick and kissed a piece of paper and scanned it in high res. and sent it to him and that's the color he sent back. Not sure how the red got turned to pink but he says pink looks better, but I think we will have both available. So, in a couple weeks there will be a banner on my myspace page and web site, and if you want a shirt, you just click on it and presto. Mark will send you one (sorry, I don't have any more time to go to the post office, I barely find time to sleep or wank).

Last night SUCKED. I wanted to massage Damien Rice but they had just had two days off and (1) didn't need/want any and (2) there wasn't enough time even if they did. I was REALLY wanting to massage him, LOVE his voice, but if that isn't bad enough, the BITCHY German promoters LOVE to flex their power muscle as often as possible (in between sniffing lines) and were absolute PRICKS to me. They HATE Americans and let me know about it every time our paths cross. That president of mine has made it hard for us Yanks to go anywhere outside of the states without being loathed. Yeah, yeah, Americans suck, we know, now FUCK OFF and stop watching the Simpson's dubbed in your language and stop wearing Levis, eating at Mc Donald's and Pizza Hut if you REALLY hate all things YANK.  Get over it. I've lived off and on in Europe for almost 18 years, so obviously I am an open minded Yank and if anyone has a problem with Mr. Bush, write him a fucking letter, "we" as in, us yanks, are not your whipping post. K?

Even though yesterday was shit, today more than made up for it, ten fold. I got a call to go and massage Maroon 5's singer, Adam Levine. Tough job, but someone has to slave over his hot body, so I agreed 🙂 His manager is great, he uses my massage team all over the world and finally, he got a massage from the boss. He was only supposed to get an hour, as the record label big wigs were going to take him out to din din at 7pm, but the massage ended up being a 2 hour massage as he kept saying "don't ever stop", which is music to my ears. I really LOVE my job and massaging him is an absolute pleasure. Amen. 

Naturally when we went to the lobby, the German record label folks were not amused with me, as they all knew he was late because Dr. Dot was massaging him. Oh well, he is worth the wait. He told me to stick around as he wanted another massage after dinner. His manager said "I am sure he didn't mean it." and Adam heard that and turned around and said "I will be on that table again later!". I was loving this of course. I met a few other members of the band, then they all left for the restaurant.

Shai and I were having some drinks with the manager in the hotel bar and she and I left for some grub, but by the time the starters came, I was texted and asked to return as Adam wanted another 30 minutes. It hadn't even been an hour, so he was obviously not in the mood to hang out all night and hob nob with the Executives. The 30 minute massage turned into another 2 hour massage and no, I never get tired. Would YOU get tired massaging amazing artists? Especially such a handsome one. I only know two songs of Maroon 5 and I think they are pretty good. The singer is what makes the band so popular; he has a lot of charisma and a kick ass voice. Hear me swoon. I didn't feel it was the right time to ask him to pose for a picture, but I did get him to sign a picture I printed out. They are coming again soon to Berlin so I will see them again here or back in the states. Shai is a big fan, she loved meeting them too. yay! 

Tomorrow is St. Paddy's day and us gals will ROLL!

maroon 5 autograph for Dr. Dot

^  "You're the Best!

Adam Levine"



Happy St. Patrick's Day x 




Massage in San Diego (we have you covered)

Meet Josh, the newest member of my ever growing team of Massage specialist. Josh is one of the best;

he passed our massage audition with flying colors and was hired immediately. He is strong, talented, punctual

and friendly. If you are in San Diego or heading there, and want a wonderful massage from a wondeful man,

give me a shout. Read more about Josh below.


Dr. Dot 

Hi, my name is Josh and I live and work in my hometown of San Diego, California. During my life, I have done everything from the corporate world.. to non-profit work.. to spending eight years in the U.S. Army; but as long as I can remember, I've always loved giving massage… The natural healing gift of Massage… the skill, intuition, and the right touch are just in my DNA! While rubbing the necks and backs of my friends and family for fun, I must have heard a thousand times, "You should be a Massage Therapist!" Then one day I was soul-searching and asking myself, "What can I do for a living that I actually LOVE doing?!?! Hello?!?! MASSAGE!!!

I attended the revered Mueller College of Holistic Studies, and started doing massage in spas, homes, resorts and offices all around San Diego… and YES, I LOVE what I do!! Now I'm blessed to be a part of Dr. Dot's team!!! I have several modalities at my disposal; but I am exceptionally fond of Swedish (a nice gentle, relaxing massage), Deep Tissue (I can dig in and rip you up—"There's no such thing as too DEEP… only too FAST"), and Hot Stones (My personal favorite to receive… just freakin luxurious!!) I also give great Thai, Shiatsu, Sports, Pregnancy, and Chair Massage.

Aside from being known for my "Amazing Hands"—I also love reading, traveling the world, playing the drums (although I kind of suck), music, books, spirituality, movies, photography, art, bodyboarding, skateboarding, snowboarding and skydiving! I'm very easy-going, warm and friendly… In short, I have great energy and an unquenchable passion for LIFE!!! I look forward to meeting and working on you!! Blessings Josh

Spotted the attacker

Tonight, Saturday night, I was walking down the street at around 10:15 pm with my friend who I call Prince Harry. We had just bought some chocolate from the gas station, and were heading down the same street that the German man attacked me on January 26th

click  HERE    to read if you missed that mess.

Anyhow I was JUST saying to Price Harry that this was the same area that fucker lives, (he was heading into his house on his bike when he started shit with me, so I assumed he lived in THAT house). As soon as the words left my mouth, a saw a man on a bike, heading our way and I focused to the point where my eyes were watering (you know if you don't blink for a while, your eyes flood) well, sure enough, as he got closer, I recognized him and shouted at him. Prince Harry grabbed him by the scruff of his jacket at said he needs to hold on a minute while I call the Police. The wanker pretended not to know me but I KNOW 1000% it was him.

He even went so far as to have painted his crappy bike a light blue (shitty hand painted job to disguise himself while on the get away vehicle).

I rang the 911, which is the freakin' Fire Department here, lol, and they connected me to the Police. I was shouting, too excited to speak proper German and I have no clue how they understood me, but they said they were on their way. Meanwhile a car pulled up and a man said he was an undercover cop and asked if everything was ok. we told him the scoop and he said he

too would wait until the cops came. The wanker who hit me suddenly said he remembered me and said to Prince Harry "I remember her, she called me a German DICK!". Hello? Probably as he was trapping me against the building , holding me captive, I did shout out some swear words, and I also shoved him to get free and run away from him! (see older blog) But none of that gives him the right to bother me while I am jogging and to hunt me down and knock me out and then flee like a coward. I screamed at him in German that he was a coward and he said "you are a coward!". His English was crap and it was really hard for Prince Harry to hold back from dragging him into the woods and giving him what he gave me, a nice big punch in the face.

Anyways, as the cops were arriving, Mr. Wanker spotted a stick (twig) on the side walk and when he picked it up, I actually thought he was going to try to hurt us with it, but he is so anal, he was simply tossed it into the bushes, as in, to clean the sidewalk. This is the same anal behavior that made him approach me and scream at me for stretching on a building, not even HIS building. The cops got out of their van and asked him for his Identification, and he hadn't any on him. I said "I am sure he lives in building

number 36, don't you!?" and he said "yes" and I said, "see, I knew it was him, that's the guy!" and one of the cops was one of the ones that came on Jan 26th to take my report after I had been beaten up. He remembered me, he said "You are the American lady  right?".Yes, he remembers. He was a cool cop, and he totally wanted to find this fucker and now we did. He said that I should just head home and they would be in touch.

30 minutes later, the two cops were at my door. They came in and told me that HE wants to press charges against ME. WTF? We all had a laugh, but still, the cop still had to take his statement. He claims I hit him first on Jan. 26th (that's funny that (a) it took him almost 2 months to do anything about it (b) that he fled after bashing my face and I have pictures to prove it AND the cops saw my bloody face directly after I was knocked out. The cops also said that they checked his records and he has a huge history, a long record of violent crimes. This should come to NO surprise to you that people who are repeat offenders get to walk free here, as yesterday on the  cover of all the papers, was a 25 year old woman who was just brutally raped and beat by a man who had already served time for rape AND murder. They let murderes and of course, rapist walk free here. WAAAAAY too liberal, that's why no one is afraid of the law, and that's why they aren't afraid of committing crimes, as they know they will simply get a slap on the fucking hand.

Bad thing is, the fucker knows my last name as he heard me call the cops and they wanted to know my name so I had to tell them

and we don't live far from one another. I find it creepy that he lives RIGHT around the corner from me and knows my last name. My pal Prince Harry said that works both ways, we know exactly were he lives and if the law won't punish him, well, my English friends want to. I really hope justice is served here, that fucker who has a history of hitting people needs to learn his lesson.

The fact that he went so far as to paint his bike and then wait 2 months to file his complaint and his bad record will probably hurt him in court. Having to see his ugly fucking face again was bad enough, now I have to face him in court, ew! Price Harry says he looks about 47 years old. What a PRAT. But I am happy now that I saw him again, happy, nervous, scared, excited, lots of mixed emotions, just thought I would give you an update as many keep asking me "have they caught that fucker who hit you yet!?" Well, now the answer is YES, we caught him (he is still in his apartment, nice and comfy, but the cops have his info now, so we shall see what happens next, which will probably be  just a slap on his hand from the Liberal German legal system).



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