Tiny update

I will be blogging big time this week, lots to write about…don’t even know where to begin. In short, I am still in Berlin, will stay until Feb 26th, then go back to NYC for almost a month, then I will decide what’s next. Lovin’ my flat here in Berlin and all my new Frank Zappa dvd’s ( Does Humor belong in Music? and The Dub Room Speicals).. Jasmine is on vacation at the moment, so I have a lot of time to myself. I am forming a band here, called Bitch Fest. Why wait for hours to sing karaoke in a smokey bar when I could sing every song?


I showed Chris Jagger around Berlin a bit last week (Micks cool Brother) and have to write a whole chapter about the Ramones for a book that is coming out, so I will be glued to this computer for hours (will need a butt massage any day now). Berlin film festival starts any day, hope the big stars want a rub down…

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