Ask Dr. Dot

Dear Dr. Dot,

I have started seeing this guy I met in  my gym. We finally made out, (just oral sex, haven’t shagged yet) but the odd thing is, he didn’t kiss me. (He is kind of anal about germs, his house is super clean and neat and he shaves his whole body, you know the type).  He kind of kissed my neck a bit and nibble around my ears, but would turn his head when I tried to plant my lips on his. Since we were in the middle of the fun, I didn’t mention it. But it is bothering me big time. I have great breath, so that can’t be it. Should I be offended; should I mention it? Asking him to kiss me would make me feel masculine. I am pissed off!

Perky Pam

Dear Pam,

You are right at being pissed off. Your mouth is good enough for his cock but not his mouth? Bullshit. I wouldn’t even see him again if I were you. He has intimacy issues and has probably seen the film “Pretty Woman” a few too many times. Unless he comes up with a dentist note that says he was in too much pain to kiss you, tell him to kiss your ass goodbye.

Dr. Dot

Dear Dr. Dot,

I want to make my girlfriend cum with my mouth, but it takes ages and my neck always hurts after, I mean it’s stiff for a few days after! All that work and it only worked once. Makes me wonder if it’s even worth all the pain and effort. If you have any ideas to make this job easier, I will be extremely grateful (and so will my girl).

Robert S.

Dear Robert,

I imagine she can sense you are not enjoying it and if this is so, no wonder she can’t/won’t cum. A girl has to feel and know that you really WANT her to cum. Once she knows you really, genuinely want her to climax, you have both won half the battle. Drag her ass to the corner of a bed, so her pussy is right at the corner. Kneel down and start licking her like a cow licks a block of salt, from bottom to top, then top to bottom, never losing contact, nice and firm and in no hurry at all. Ask her “is this the right spot babe?” and if it is, keep doing the same thing over and over until she cums. It’s all the stopping and starting and switching positions that fuck up her orgasm route. Be firm, patient and persistent and having her on the corner of the bed should ease your neck strain and if you really a wimp, get a pillow for your knees while you’re at it.

Dr. Dot


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