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Dear Dr. Dot,

I love my husband, but don’t feel up to doing the dirty deed with him as much as he wants to. The ‘Headache’ excuse is running thin now; do you have any polite excuses that work? Again, I love him, but I could live without the sex part of our relationship. Please help ASAP!


Dear Nancy,

The ol’ Headache excuse doesn’t make sense anyways, as sex is a good cure for that (it’s true!). If you are not up to being upfront and honest, you could always say you have a yeast infection or your period, but that wouldn’t prevent you from giving him oral sex, anal sex or a happy ending massage. You may want to at least make him feel good, as men tend to look elsewhere for physical fun if the woman they love continuously rejects them. If you really love your husband, show him, life is short.

Dr. Dot

Dear Dr. Dot,

My girlfriend and I have had a couple threesomes, always me, her and another female. My girlfriend liked it so much; she keeps requesting to do it again and again. I am afraid I opened a lesbian door or something; do you think she will turn gay and leave me? How can I get her all to myself again?



Most of the times, not all though, threesomes lead to big drama. It sounds like a hot idea, but after the climaxes are over and reality sets in, everyone is faced with ‘uh, where do we go from here’ kind of feeling. I am a firm believer in that you can’t change a person and what will be, will be, maybe you should think likewise as the more you stress about it, the faster you will drive her away. Just let it run it’s course and try not to show it makes you feel insecure, just make sure you give her a spontaneous super romp when she least expects it, reminding her you are exciting and can still please her, one on one.

Dr. Dot

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