Save Endangered Whales from Deadly Fishing Gear

Dear Dr. Dot,

The North Atlantic right whale is one of the most endangered large whales in the world, with only about 300 individuals left of the species. We cannot afford to lose a single whale because of human causes. However, during 2004, six North Atlantic right whales were entangled when they encountered fishing gear in their ocean habitat along the U.S. East Coast.

Solutions exist to protect these whales from being entangled, injured or killed, in fishing gear, but they need to be more aggressively utilized. Act Now to preserve the future of these beautiful creatures.

In an effort to eliminate potentially deadly entanglements, the National Marine Fisheries Service (the agency responsible for protecting whales) is taking public comments on proposed alternatives to improve the Atlantic Large Whale Take Reduction Plan-a strategy required by the Marine Mammal Protection Act.

With three of the species of whale affected by fishing gear listed as endangered, especially the extremely endangered North Atlantic right whale, we cannot afford anything less than a 100 percent effective plan to protect these magnificent animals from fishing gear encountered in their habitat.

Time is running out! We have only days to submit 10,000 public comments to the National Marine Fisheries Service. Be part of the solution – Act Now! Ask NMFS to strengthen the protection of whales by requiring modifications to fishing gear proven to prevent whales from becoming entangled.

Thank you for taking action!

Jenny M.
Care2 and ThePetitionSite Team


Just saw a show on Animal Planet about a guy named Peter Pritchard who has dedicated his life to preserving and saving all types of turtles. What a man!

He said “turtles have been around for over 50 million years and they offer some people a bit of stability, something that never changes.” That’s how I feel about them, I love them and can’t wait to see my turtles when I get to Berlin in June. I would love to do what he does, maybe I will someday 🙂

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