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Dear Dr. Dot,

The other day in morning, my penis was all long, soft, and wrinkly, as if I had just had sex. My wife thinks I was out messing around! Can a dream cause this? I told her I don’t remember even having an erection, maybe it was a dream.


Dear Cocky,

It’s normal that men get erections during sleep and wet dreams can make a guy shoot his load in his sleep, it may be a big load or just a tiny leak.

As long as you are treating your woman well, she shouldn’t even ask about such things. When she acts jealous, you may want to treat her better so doesn’t even go there.

If you are treating her fine & she still hunts for reasons to bust your balls, she may be looking for an excuse to get out of the relationship, OR it could mean she herself is the cheating one. Just like a thief always thinks someone is trying to steal something from them, a cheating partner is always overly suspicious of their partner cheating too.

Good luck with that

Dr. Dot

Dear Dr.,

Do you think a long distance relationship can work? I met someone online and I would be embarrassed to tell my friends and family how I met him. I have become addicted to checking my emails and longing for him even though we haven’t met.

PC Cindy   NYC

Dear PC Cindy,

Nowadays, anything goes when it comes to love. For people who work long hours and/or don’t like to hang in bars to meet the ‘one’, online dating sometimes works out well. My web master married a gal he met online. But if the computer is keeping you from ‘real’ life, perhaps you could limit the amount of time you spend online. Long distance only works temporarily. We only live once, so the ‘here and now’ usually prevails. Things are always sweeter in small doses, that’s why an online, long distance relationship seems so perfect.


 If you meet and still click, tell your family and friends you met through a mutual friend, which is true, the internet.

Dr. Dot

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