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Dear Dr. Dot,

I want out of my current relationship and have felt like leaving her ages ago, but haven’t found an easy way out. Is there a guilt-free way to leave some one?


Dear George,

 A lot depends on how you feel about her. If there is the slightest chance you may want her back someday, then you must  tell her in person. If you are under 25, it’s easy; just tell her you are still young and you want to explore life. If you are older, tell her you need time alone right now to decide what path you will take for your future. If you don’t give a toss if you see her ever again, email/call or text her and say, “Sorry, I’m not a “we” person anymore, take care.” The cruelest way to leave someone is to just vanish. Karma will hunt you down and make you suffer, so do have the courage to say goodbye or watch your back. 

Dr. Dot

Dear Dr. Dot,

I have been dating a foreigner for a couple weeks now and I really like him (the sex is fucking amazing!). He is already telling me he loves me which I enjoyed until he told me he has to marry an American in order to stay here. Tired of being single, but afraid.



Trust that fear as a giant red flag.” Love” takes longer than a couple weeks. If he really loves you, tell him you are really from Canada and watch his reaction OR he could marry any American girl for legal reasons and “love” you whenever he wants. If his love for you is real, he can wait for you. And like I always say, you don’t need to wed to love.

Dr. Dot

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