Vote for John Kerry (Please). Go to WWW.JOHNKERRY.COM


“The high road may be harder, but it brings us to a better place” John Kerry

Kerry casts Bush
as unfit leader
Democratic presidential nominee
promises armed forces ‘help is on the way’
”I’m John Kerry, and I’m reporting for duty,” Sen. John Kerry told cheering delegates at the start of his acceptance speech at the Democratic National Convention.

That was the best acceptance speach ever, Kerry ROCKS! He has my vote for sure.
Dr. Dot

“Rock music was never written for or performed for conservative tastes.”
                                                        — Frank Zappa

“If you don’t register, you can’t vote and if you don’t vote, DEMOCRACY DOESN’T WORK”
Frank Zappa

Ask Dr. Dot about KNOBS?

Dear Dot,

I am secretly involved with two men at the same time. One is gorgeous but has a little knob, the other is rather ugly but is hung like a donkey. I feel I have to choose one, what do you suggest?


Montclair, NJ


Dear Joanne,

Just because you love one, doesn’t mean you have to hate the rest. As long as you haven’t promised them you would be monogamous, why not keep seeing both? Seldom will you find one person to fulfill your every need/desire.

Modern times mean modern love lives. As long as you keep the safe sex rule and don’t make promises you can’t keep, play the field and follow your heart, even if it pulls you in more than one direction. Like Stephen Stills sang “Love the one you’re with”

If you still insist on choosing one, remember that we will all look like raisins later in life and a big knob won’t be so important then. Choose the one who makes you laugh    Too Funny  and treats you the best.

Dr. Dot


Dear Dr. Dot

I got together again with my ex who I used to date YEARS ago. He used to be very well hung, now “it” seems to have shrunken. DO men shrink with time?      Peeing

Sad in Queens 


Hi Sad in Queens,

Just like any muscle, it you don’t use it, it will shrink and wither away. Smoking can also deter a mans manly hood, especially smoking pot. With time and a lot of exercising his muscle, it should get a bit stronger and hence, bigger again.Suggest to him, even on days you don’t meet, to wank like a mad man to get that bugger back into tip top shape.


Massage in Boston, Massachusetts ( Dr. Dots newest assistant)

Recently I was in Boston and decided I needed another Massage Therapist in that area. I searched high and low and found the best one in the whole state! (oops, hope Stephanie-doesn’t take this the wrong way, you are both the BOMB!  Bomb 

    Meet Chris,

– the newest member to join the Dr. Dot Team. She runs her own clinic and has more than enough experience to make your body feel amazing. If you are heading towards Boston, write me an email and I will arrange for Chris to treat you and or your entourage with her strong, caring hands. Read more about her below

Dr. Dot     Massage Therapist 

Hi. My name is Chris and I am 32 years old and living in Boston, Massachusetts.

Originally from New York, I found my way to Boston 7 years ago after living in

Minneapolis, where I attended massage school.  I have been practicing massage for almost 10 years now, (licensed in both Minnesota and Massachusetts) but started when I was little, trading back and forth with my friends.  I am a marathon runner and have great knowledge about the body from my years of running and rowing.  Massage was always one of my favorite things in the world, next to ice cream and running, and I knew I had to make it my life.

I am one of the lucky few massage therapists who was sought out by Dr.Dot and I think it was a spiritual thing because working with performing artists, actors and professional athletes has been the biggest thing missing from my life since opening up my own massage studio a few years ago.  I don’t think Dr.Dot or I had any idea how much we’d have in common from our first phone call – from our Volkswagens and our crazy mothers to our ex-boyfriend’s mothers being one of the best things that ever happened to us and our passion for music and working with musicians – we had a fun time getting to know one another when she came to visit me at my massage studio in Lexington, MA.  After a 10 hour day of doing deep tissue massage, Dr.Dot was very impressed with my massage, the strength of my hands and elbows and how I helped her low back pain.


Massage is my greatest passion and I love what I do.  My lab-husky, Betty and my big fat 22 lb black cat Alex can tell you or you can read my testimonials on my website from clients (  I am very excited to get back into working with musicians and others while they are passing through the East Coast – MA, CT, NY, NJ, RI, NH, ME, VT.  I have flexibility with my schedule at my studio as I have a number of other massage therapists who can help me rearrange my schedule so I can accommodate the schedules of people on tour.


Comment from BEAV one of the WCCC DJ’s


July 27, 2004

Many thanks to Dr. Dot…WOW!

So last night I go hang at WCCC in Hartford with my boy Rick the Fluffer. Apparently he has this gal Dr. Dot coming in to give him a rub. I had no idea who she was so I did a little research and was quite surprised to learn that she has laid hands on the biggest rock stars of all time!

Masseuse to the stars, indeed.

Well, let me tell you something. This girl aint no joke and is H-A-R-D-C-O-R-E. She knows her shit, and has mad skillz like you can’t even imagine. I was fortunate enough to be on the receiving end of her magic hands and I still haven’t recovered!

Very intelligent and talented lady and I just wanted to give her a shout out her and say thanks for the abuse! (I mean…yeah, it hurt…but it was good pain, the best kind!)

Check her out at her main site, or her more “racy” site (I suggest the latter…as painted boobs are involved!) You can also always use the link on the right of our pages for a quick fix.

Thanks again Doc!!!


Check out Beav’s site :

I am SO happy to be back in NYC.

Dr. Dot

ps. I have LOADS of photos to down load, crop and put on this blog. I have so much to do now, don’t even know where to begin.   Hmm 2 

Viva Lance Armstrong

Armstrong’s tour de force

17:22pm 25th July 2004 Lance Armstrong secured a record sixth Tour de France victory on the Champs Elysee after surviving the final stage unscathed.

The Texan, who recovered from testicular cancer before winning his first Tour in 1999, became the first man to win six editions of the most competitive race in cycling.

In doing so, he surpassed five-time winners Jacques Anquetil, Bernard Hinault, Eddy Merckx and Miguel Indurain.

After covering 3,391.1 kilometres in 20 days’ racing, the 32-year-old finished with a comfortable lead of six minutes, 19 seconds ahead of the German champion Andreas Kloden. Ivan Basso of Italy was third.

Although his achievement is unprecedented, Armstrong has not often looked stronger and he is considering returning next year to try for a seventh victory.

That will dismay his rivals, none of whom were in the same class as the US Postal rider this year.

This was supposed to be his toughest July yet with the route designed to counter his strengths, while at least four competitors were said to have realistic chances of beating him.

However, Jan Ullrich, a winner in 1997, did not even manage the second place (schade war Deutschland?) he has achieved on the three other occasions he has raced against Armstrong in the Tour.

Tyler Hamilton, meanwhile, and the Spanish duo of Roberto Heras and Iban Mayo all dropped out with injuries before the finish.

Richard Virenque gave the French reason to celebrate as he won a seventh Tour of the Mountains jersey while Australia’s Robbie McEwen secured the green points jersey.

 With a goddess like Sheryl on your side, winning is easier. I adore Lance and his ambition, not even cancer can keep the man down. CONGRATS Lance.

Emotional roller coaster rides (and some week old photos)

Ah, life if the suburbs, it gets dull, so to make things lively and exciting, relatives scrap and fight. So good to be here in CT again, getting screamed at by various relatives after they have a few drinks. Makes you want to move here.

We didn’t go to NYC after all, too much driving. We stayed up in MASS for a few more days where gray squirrels and the Red Sox rule. We headed south to CT on Tuesday night and arrived at 1am or so and got hit with bad news. NO INTERNET!

Have I gotten so high maintenance that I can not surrive with out internet? I thought I was suffering already with a MAC lap top up at Betsy’s, not being able to down load photos or use cute colored letters to treat your eyes to some fun while you should be working.

But now, no internet, I felt like a junkie must feel with no smack. My uncle Billy who just miraculously got out of jail, what should have been a 20 year sentence for a fatal car accident (he was in passanger seat and was fighting with his gal who was driving) anyways they hit an on coming car 4 years ago and killed the driver 🙁  and he has been sitting in jail ever since. Apparently my bitchy phone call motivated his appointed lawyer to get an appeal, he won and is now free. I do not make this stuff up, I actually sugar coat things so Jerry Springer doesn’t call.

Anyhow, Billy and I both yearn for the internet so we hounded the cable company and that didn’t work, so I called a guy who calls himself the Computer Guy aka Tim, an older southern man who helped us several times by coming over and charging next to nothing to fix the PC.

Since then, lets see, Jasmine had her two best buddies come here to join us and the house is packed, it is hot as hell and as usual, the yearly family feud has broken out over who the hell knows what. It sucks always being the visitor, you walk on egg shells and feel bad about your strange habits. Can’t wait to have just one big ass house somewhere and make everyone come visit me for a change. Naturally my yard will be full of dogs.

The thrill has kind of died now over the photos, but better late than never:

This one above is Laurie, a friend of mine now, but years ago, she was the friend of my aunt Caron and Nancy, in other words, I have known her since I was 5 years old or so. She doesn’t have a mean bone in her body and I think her face resembles Burnedette Peters a bit. Her 21-year-old son, Rick, is a DJ on WCCC, Connecticut’s best classic rock station. He does the late show on Monday and Tuesdays I believe. I mean the REALLY late show. I will be his guest this Monday night and he said I may be able to play what ever I want, in other words, predominantley Frank Zappa, Beatles and Led Zepp, maybe some OLD Pink Floyd (I won’t even listen to anything with out Roger Waters on it) and then maybe some Alice Cooper or Janis, Doors or Moody Blues. I will try not to swear  🙂

 That is Felicia and Kill Bill at Pastoris in Ellington.

 Shannon and I at Pastoris.

 This is Steve, I call him Elton because he sings EXACTLY like Elton John. Very cool dude.

Above, from right to left is Steve, Shannon, Laurie, her man and the blonde is Shannon’s cousin, whom I guess somehow, must be related to me. We almost had words when she proudly talked about her being a Republican and how she loves Bush and works in Hartford at the Capital in politics and will absolutely vote for Bush. If I was a dog, the hair on my back would have been standing up so tall, it would have looked like a fucking mohawk. I guess it is best NOT to talk politics in a bar after drinking margaritas . Live and let live, live and let live, I keep telling myself.

I have more photos, like the one of Chris whom I hired up in MASS, but I will wait until I get my ass back to NYC to download more photos and crop them and all that crap, as this PC could die any minute.

Billy, my uncle I mentioned before, loved it when I printed out my blog and sent it to him. I am not much of a letter writer as I have too much writing to do as it is, so this blog is kind of a lazy way to keep in touch with everyone at the same time, without having to type the same shit over and over again to all of my pals.

Anyhow, he loved it and showed it to all of the inmates and it was entertainment for all of them, glad it helped fight off boredom for someone.

Last night, (Friday) Jasmine, Rachel and Hannah all went to the mall and then to Golf Land in Vernon. My ol pal Vickie Lindstrom brought them from the mall to Gold Land, and we thought all would be well. I got a call from them and they were yelling “the place was held up and robbed! we have to give statements cause we were witnesses!” HELLO! Are my family police/drama magnets?

Can’t we just go out once without the cops being involved? I think not. Anyhow, They were screaming and all I was thinking was, GREAT! Rachel’s mom will LOVE this, I let them go to where crazy guys dressed in army gear run amok with huge shot guns?

The guy (how pathetic must you be to HOLD UP an arcade?) was dressed from head to toe in Army clothes and was packing a huge gun. First he held up the staff with big ass knives, got his loot and waved the gun around while he ran off. The girls saw the whole thing and several cop cars (they said a dozen) came and also some under cover detectives. The girls were giggling the second time they called, saying the detective that was interviewing them went to Rockville High School with me and knew me as Dot Jagger/Leckner.

I told them to put him on the phone. His name was Steve, but I wouldn’t recognize him unless I saw him, he found it amusing these 15 year old gals there with German passports, he was like, “what the HELL are you gals doing in Vernon, CT!!??” They told him and he said, ah, Vickie brought you here, and Dot? Oh, I know her too!” We had a good laugh on the phone and he dropped them at Denny’s (most exciting place in Vernon) as the Golf Land was closing and I wasn’t there yet.

The girls LOVE to go to Denny’s and gawk at the scanky looking crowds that pile in there after 11pm. It is so entertaining to eat and watch the stream of weirdoes come in and out of the place. It is open 24/7 so anyone who is under 21 hangs out there and then when the bars close (a whopping 1am) folks come there to eat and see if there isn’t something they could drag home with them.EW!

My assistants Joy and Catherine have been busy massaging the manager of KISS’s (Doc) wife, Wendy. She LOVES my team. I haven’t massaged her yet; I hear she is gorgeous and sweet too. I am to massage a band called Disturbed (do YOU know who they are, as I don’t) on July 30th in NJ.

I have missed a lot of what’s going on because I have had NO INTERNET!! Can you feel me! I guess camping would be out of the question for me, as I am too high (tech) maintenance, I admit it.

But then again, rolling around in the mud/dirt with bugs and having to wear flip flops cause the shower floor is too nasty and smells like ASS doesn’t sound appealing to me anymore, I did that for years following the Grateful Dead. Can’t believe they are on tour, I miss Jerry!

Gotta scoot.


Ask Dr. Dot

Dear Dr. Dot,

I can’t keep an erection, especially with a condom.

Chris.K     Jersey City

Hey Chris,

My theory is, fluoride is responsible for softies. In the US, there is a lot

of fluoride in our drinking water, which  gives us nice teeth but makes our

men soft down there. In Europe, the men have horrible teeth but are as stiff

as a board and can go all night; so,it must be the water! Try drinking Evian or

imported water for a month AND try to make your lady orgasm before you even

grab for a condom.


Hi Dr.

I need cheap ways to look gorgeous.The competition is stiff here in the city

and I am not rich.

Christy,   NYC

Dear Christy

1. if you have those porno-like  fake nails, stop getting them, men don’t

care about them anyways.Do your own pedicure and coat toenails and cuticles

with vaseline before showering to make the polish last longer.

2. Forget brand named clothing, jewelry and shoes. It doesn’t matter as long

as you look clean and polished.

3. Shave, don’t get waxed. It saves time and money.

4.Wet and Wild lip liner, nail polish etc is super cheap and no one will

know the difference.

5. You can cut corners on everything except your hair, pay for a good

colorist, but get a $10 cut at a barber shop.

6.Drink club soda when you go out. It hydrates your skin and only tap water

is cheaper.

7.Buy a oil free sun block for your day cream, you don’t need any other face

cream in the day. For night  time, ask your dermatologist for a prescription

cream that erases fine lines.Use vaseline around eyes.