Cashing in on Dead Punk Stars

I get hundreds of emails from Ramones fans, all distraught at Monte Melnicks new book about the Ramones. How he reveals some not so nice secrets and “dirty habits” of Joey and Dee-Dee. He conveniently forgot to mention my name at all ( he said it was because I was underage when I was dating Joey, which is true, but hello? We were in love!)

Don’t lay that religious SHIT on me…. Antisemitism in NYC?

< an hour after the attack

No, I am not Jewish, not even religious, as most of you know, I chose Rock and Roll as my religion long ago. But since living back in the USA for the last 2 years, I have gotten to know some very special Jewish people, who have taught me all there is to know about the Jewish religion and so, find a place in my heart for Jewish people and religion, and sorrow for their past, I bought a gorgeous star of David necklace. It

10 Years ago we lost Frank Zappa

Yes, it is hard for me today, as my hero and favorite musican on the planet died 10 years ago. Prostrate Cancer took its toll and Frank lost the fight. If you don't know Franks music, do yourself a favor and get your Butt to a CD shop and stock up. For starters, try “Joe's Garage” or “Apostrophe” or “Shiek yer Bouti” , then perhaps ” Tinsel Town Rebellion” and ” Overnite Sensation”.